Tribulación pseudo americana

Me parece increíble. En fin… lo haré más explícito!!!!. El artículo está en “mal” inglés a propósito.
Esto debido a que la gente me manda mails para enviarme las correcciones, gracias.

(WARNING: Las cursivas están por algo, pero recomiendo primero leer sin tomarlas en cuenta, pero si no te cuadran, ya imaginan el por qué de la aclaración semántica y sintáctica)

I’m looking for a different way to get better knowledge about my life and my world.
Like one week ago, I were talking with a friend and she told me, “I need to speak for myself in Spanish”. I couldn’t understand the meaning of her expression. May be she are thinking in some phrases like “Buenos dias” or “Como esta?”. Last time I learned a new one, “Su casa es mi casa”. Jose told me that people use this phrase when we have a guest in our house. Anyway. The idea are that my friend told me that she can has a better communication with herself using another language. Could we? 

Five days ago I meet a Peruvian guy when I were walking near the main street. He told me that he speaks Spanish. That sounds really fancy.
But… I can’t!!!

(No poder). I use to be a normal person. But now, I have a problem with my language. (I think that I can play with… English… E/N.G_L*I&S!H…. zzzz)

Now, I are a person who wants to changes everything. (I mean, I am……. never mind)

Mmm. may be I can try to speak another language… but may be a I can create my own one.

A girl made me a joke: “How do you call a person who speaks two languages?  Bilingual .And… How do you call a person who speaks one language?…. American.” 

Thinking in another language…. think in another language.  Why? My soul needs another way to speak. I need to use a different way for me. May be, if I find another code I will find other special feelings about me. Another code means another way to see my life, another code to see the world. A world of happiness, a world of tacos, merengue and salsa, a world of smiles… I need a world of hot feelings and not this “perfect” life and civilization. 

(Hola, como estar? Estar bien? Gracias. Sonreir. Amar. Entender. Hablo español. Quiero vivir)

 stock photography happy girl

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Una respuesta a Tribulación pseudo americana

  1. Alvaro dijo:

    hi… that’s really cool that you wanna learn another language… good for you.. what is your name? my name is Alvaro i am peruvian… like the guy you met… and i understand wbat you saying… a new language gives you a different view of things… i speak 5 languages.
    where are you from and what is your name?


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